M84MC – Applied Communication

This module will perform a theoretically informed critical analysis of a contemporary applied communication case study. The analysis will examine the communication strategies employed by two successful PR organisation:  Madonna and Lady Gaga. To do so, the module will utilise four different perspectives based on relevant theoretical approaches:
  • communication as structure
  • communication as ritual
  • communication as performance
  • communication as a discourse
For each approach, the module will ask the following questions:
  1. How the chosen organisations use communication strategies and techniques
  2. What type of structures underlie said communication
  3. How the chosen organisations use the media
  4. How the chosen organisations influence and are influenced by contemporary culture


01. Introduction

Final Assessment

Coursework  1

(Group presentation) 50%
As a group, choose two celebrities. Compare and contrast their communication strategies.

Coursework 2

(2.000 words essay) 50%
Pick one celebrity of your choice. Choose one of the four theoretical approaches covered in class. Using these theories, perform an analysis of your celebrity’s communication strategy.



Coventry University Open Media Research Seminars

When: 12:15-1:15pm on selected Tuesdays in October and November

Where: ET 130 (Ellen Terry Building)

 October 23rd: Nathaniel Tkacz (University of Warwick) – ‘From Flame Wars to Frame Wars: The Structure of Conflict in Networks’ (Read More) 

November 13th: Matt Johnston (Coventry University) – ‘Online/Offline: How Digital Media Facilitates and Encourages the Generative Experience’ (Read More)

 November 20th: Caroline Bassett (University of Sussex) – ‘Silence, Delirium, Lies: An Uncoded Response to Social Media’ (Read More)

 November 27th: Eva Weinmayr and Lynn Harris (AND) – ‘Men Meets Machine’ (Read More)

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