M84MC (2012-13) Lecture Seven: Communication as Performance- part 2

This is the second of two lectures dedicated to the performative dimension of celebrity communication strategies. This lecture considers identity in its discursive and performative aspects. Celebrity identity is often predicated on notions of gender and sexuality, which are discussed here together with the notion of camp.

Lecture slides:  M84MC.07  14 Nov 2012

Homework – due 21 Nov 2012

1. Assignment one

As a group, start outlining the structure of your final presentation. Ask yourselves:

What are the most important things you want to say?

What type of argument are you putting forth?

What are you basing the argument on?

How can you support it?

What possible objections to your points can you envision?


3. Readings

Diamond, L. (2005) “ ‘I’m Straight, but I Kissed a Girl’: The Trouble with American Media Representations of Female–Female Sexuality” Feminism & Psychology 15 (104-110) – Diamond.2005.Kiss.Girl

Richardson, N. (2006) “As Kamp as Bree: The Politics of Camp Reconsidered By Desperate Housewives” Feminist Media Studies 6: 2 (57-174) – Richardson.2006.Kamp Bree

Horn, K. (2010) “Camping with the Stars: Queer Perfomativity, Pop Intertextuality, and Camp in the Pop Art of Lady Gaga” http://copas.uni-regensburg.de/article/view/131/155

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