M84MC (2012-13) Lecture Four: Communication as Ritual- part 1

This is one of the two lectures dedicated to analysing the ritual aspects of the communication strategies implemented by celebrities such as Madonna and Lady Gaga.  The lecture considers the ways in which social interactions are formalised and regulated. It also examines the ways in which such interactions can be disrupted or subverted, and how habits and conventions of taste influence and regulate mechanisms of social class.

Lecture slides: M84MC.04 – 24 Oct 2012

Homework – due 31 Oct 2012

Organise yourselves in groups of 4 to 5 people.  Meet at least once to brainstorm your final assignment one, which will count for 50% of your total mark. (As a reminder, assignment one requests that you, as a group, choose two celebrities, and thay you compare and contrast their communication strategies.)


Tyler, I. and B. Bennett (2010) “Celebrity Chav: Fame, Femininity and Social Class” European Journal of Cultural Studies 13 Tyler and Bennet.2010.celebritychav

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