241MC – Communication Practice

2015-16 iteration: “What can possibly go wrong?”


This module is concerned with both the practice of communication and with a  critical understanding of such practices in the contemporary context. The module focuses on the structures, roles and functions associated with specific communication practices, and it will address discourses associated with a variety of organisations and initiatives.

We will take an experiential learning approach, performing a real-life simulation of a crisis situation, and critically reflecting on it. The experiential learning approach requires you to be active learners, and to cope with “real life” difficulties such as the scarcity of precise information, things happening at the last minute, tight deadlines, psychological pressure…

This module is NOT about what communication is. This module is about what communication does, and what we can do with it, how and why. This module asks: how do we practice communication? How do we engage in the digital mediasphere? Who is an activist, what do they do, and according to which ethics?