305MC – Analysing Media and Communication

This module draws on key themes, issues and concepts covered throughout the three years of this diploma. 305MC enables students to deepen their critical understanding of the specificities of cultural, communication and media forms and the discourses surrounding them. The module focuses upon the relationship between the production and consumption of cultural, communication and media texts and explores the often complex relationships between these “texts”, the determinants of their production, the narratives they convey and the meanings their audiences read into these narratives. In particular the module focuses on a number of case studies – in-depth analyses of specific institutions, media and communication forms, contemporary issues and debates, in order to offer models of analysis and evaluation which students can employ themselves.

Sample seminar activity

In your small groups, go outside and document examples of surveillance in everyday life. You can take notes, use your phones to record or photograph etc. Make sure you gather data ethically and sensitively. Take the time to discuss as a group, then come back in time for the second seminar in 45 mins. ready to debrief. Sample of resulting student work: https://daisyspiveyyr3.wordpress.com/2015/10/14/surveillance/