180MC – Living in the Digital World 1: Putting Theory into Practice

2015-16 iteration: “Contemporary forms of post-politics: what can we do that matters?”


Traditional politics are in crisis. Political parties are same old same old, and we wonder why bother at all. Voting is for the privileged aged, who have their un-precarious lives of nice houses, good pensions, free bus passes and fuel allowances. You got steep University fees. You start life with a 50K debt. You are anxious about getting a graduate job, while working retail.

We can hope for a renewal of politics—last term we discussed Corbyn’s New Old Labour—while crossing our fingers and waiting to be disappointed. We may tell ourselves we don’t care.

But we do—just in a different way. This module will explore new and emerging forms of civic participation beyond traditional politics, and move to thinking in terms of the politics of everyday life. To this end, we will cover a range of contemporary non-politics, including populist movements, celebrity politics, grassroots activism, digital culture, and digital self-management.

In short: what are we already doing, and can we do that matters?