205MC – Introduction

Today’s lecture introduced the module’s structure and provided an overview of its contents. It also outlined the module’s learning objectives, and explained the final assessment in detail. The seminar gave an overview of the available resources, and assigned a task for next week. Students were also divided into smaller working groups.

Task for next week. What is Film Noir? Each group to come prepared next week with:

  • A definition of what the genre is (its history and origin, etc.)
  • A list of key stylistic and narrative features that define it (eg lighting techniques, character types, storylines, etc)
  • At least two clips from films described as noir and to be able to identify the features in each clip that make the films noir.

As a reminder, we will focus on a series of media texts on the overall theme of crime. The following are the main texts we will discuss: if possible, you should familiarise yourself with them.