205MC – Representation

Essential Readings

  • Fowler, R. (1991) Language in the News: Discourse and Ideology in the Press. London: Routledge.
  • Hall, S. (1996) “Who Needs Identity.” inHall, S. Du Gay, P. (Eds) Questions of Cultural Identity. London: Sage.
  • Hall, S. (1997) Representations: Cultural Representations and Signifying PracticesLondon, Sage.
  • Heidensohn, F. (1985) Women and Crime. New York: NYUP.

Lunch Task 

1. Select a certain group of women from one of these: women as victims of crime, women as perpetrators of crime, mothers who kill their children or battered women who kill their partners/husbands. Look at different representations of this topic/phenomenon in magazines, film, TV, newspapers, literature.   Films you can consider looking at may include but are not limited to:

2. Note patterns in these representations in terms of stereotyping or essentializing categories noting how class, race, sexuality etc may further affect the representation of the women in question.

3. Note value assumptions in terms of who has power, who solves problems, how problems are solved.